Tessera on Lake Travis | Lago Vista, TX

Tessera is a 900-acre residential development and park system master plan strategically placed off Lake Travis. Adams worked closely with the developer providing all construction design plans including conceptual planning, landscape architecture and engineering services and construction administration which included regular site visits. As the land planner, landscape architect and civil engineer Adams is proud to have collaborated with many to see Tessera on Lake Travis what it is today. During construction, close coordination with the City of Lago Vista was required as the infrastructure portion of the development was constructed under a Public Improvement District (PID) of $24.7 million in bonds. Tessera was designed to create a focus on the parklands and lake, as opposed to maximizing lot volume. Adams services included upgrading offsite water and wastewater treatment plants, extending water and sewage lines and roadways into the new development, constructing 2,500 linear feet of hike and bike trails along Lake Travis, 15,000 linear feet of infrastructure, a public amenity center and public bridge. Design life and long-term maintenance considerations can be found through the concrete trails expected to last 20+ years. Water-quality features impressing dramatic views seen through tree canopies, slope and ravines. 

Update: Phase 11 construction began in March of 2017. Client: Hines Properties, Austin, TX


Single Family Residential

  • Hines
  • Henry S. Miller
  • Adams Homes
  • Brickstone Development, L.P.
  • Calais Custom Homes
  • Drennan Day Custom Homes
  • Ryan Homes
  • Clayton Homes
  • Zena Land Development
  • Wilbow Development


  • Allmark Properties

Senior Living

  • Stroud Properties, Inc.
  • Sears Methodist Retirement Services
  • Remarkable Healthcare

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